Our value proposition is simple: ​We want to be your advocate to give you the choice of a customized approach in a world of canned approaches, such as those available from coalitions and exchanges with self-serving agendas.

An independent company established in 2006, APC offers an innovative and specialized approach to the acquisition of PBM services. In essence, APC becomes your in-house pharmacy resource for service, education, and negotiation that works against agendas beyond the formulary. Once retained, we use our complimentary, up-front diagnostic to craft a customized RFP sent to PBMs that are vetted and matched with your needs. Because the RFP is written with input that goes beyond the formulary, we can negotiate not only your PBM arrangement but your formulary based on your organization’s utilization patterns. You won’t be sold a “discount” – you’ll know what drugs cost every step of the way.

We believe our model creates better outcomes than coalition or exchange strategies that are still providing outdated approaches to managing PBMs. Today, due to acquisitions and mergers, there are fewer PBMs in the marketplace, leading to less competition and ultimately hurting companies’ bottom lines. For example, burdensome formulary modifications could be implemented without prior consultation with the client. Exchanges and coalitions allow PBMs to offer minimum, canned services to uninformed clients, which can result in poor outcomes. APC offers a customized alternative to this rubber-stamp approach with personalized service, innovation, and advocacy for your organization.

Our Mission: Inform, Monitor, Manage

APC helps you select a PBM that’s a “fit” with both management and HR through a process where candidates present to your decision-makers, and once your choice is made, APC does some fine-tuning: We start with customization of the pharmacy benefit plan.

We provide complete financial analyses of prospective choices. We negotiate contract terms, including definitions and conditions, that create a solid foundation for a successful plan.

APC works diligently to customize solutions that dovetail with your company's unique utilization patterns. Our management of the formulary matches your company's specific needs – not a manufacturer’s agenda. You won’t be sold a vague “discount” – you’ll know what drugs cost and when that price changes. A comprehensive understanding of all customizable options available allows APC to negotiate in a more precise manner on your behalf. ​

About APC

APC, an independent pharmacy benefit consulting firm with more than 100 years of combined experience.