APC is your pharmacy partner and trusted advisor.

APC partners with self-funded health plans, their Benefit Advisors, and a network of PBMs that offer pharmacy options that provide greater control and savings. 

As your trusted advisor we offer the following services:

  • Efficient PBM procurement

  • Competitive rates

  • Flexible contract terms

  • Plan monitoring & reporting

  • Implementation support

  • Small group advocacy

APC offers a deferred compensation approach and complimentary claims review. 
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APC is a pharmacy benefits consulting firm established in 2006 with an experienced team of PBM specialists.
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We specialize in self-funded carved out PBM plans with an extra focus on smaller groups who have been underserved by large PBMs.

We work with mid-market PBMs offering competitive rates, flexible contract terms, and optimal cost management.

Our dedicated account management team supports:

  • Implementation 

  • Open enrollment

  • Member and client issue tracking

  • Member communications

  • PBM renewals 

  • Plan performance monitoring

Interested in a free Rx claims review and price analysis? 

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