How Transparent Is Your Pass-Thru Pricing?

What We Do

PBM Vendor Procurement and Contracting

APC manages the entire RFP process, starting with the competitive marketing of the plan. We use our complimentary assessment of your organization's pharmacy utilization to identify opportunities that enhance the existing benefit while controlling costs. APC will negotiate contract terms to ensure a solid foundation for a successful plan.  

Up-Front Claims Review

APC offers our services on a deferred payment basis. We provide advocacy through a performance first approach, targeting your organization's specific needs before customizing a solution.

PBM Vendor Monitoring & Management 

APC will provide your organization with a dedicated Pharmacy Benefits team to provide overall implementation support, and continuous monitoring of timelines, contract deliverables, and claims data to ensure accurate implementation of your plan design. 

Who We Are

About APC

An independent consulting firm established in 2006, APC offers an innovative and specialized approach to the acquisition of PBM services.


Our team provides extensive combined experience in the self-insured healthcare & pharmaceutical industry. 

Partnering with Benefit Advisers and Consultants

APC understands how important it is to protect your Book of Business and our Pharmacy Benefit Consultants are in your corner.


APC can help you achieve optimized pharmacy savings for your clients with our industry insights and singular focus on PBM Procurement and Vendor Management. 

Employer Advocacy

APC is your partner who will advocate for your organization's behalf throughout the entire procurement process.


After the contract is signed APC provides an accountable and dedicated team of experienced pharmacy benefit experts will be your organization's in-house pharmacy benefit resources for service and education. 

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