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PBM Benefit Insights

Does your current PBM value your Rx spend?

To a mid-sized health plan, $5 million in Rx spend may seem like a lot. However, to a Big 3 PBM, managing 80% of all prescription drug claims, it can be a drop in a bucket.

Now imagine you manage a plan, spending less than $1 million? Lost in the crowd, these smaller groups are often missing out on savings and flexibility.


APC has over 15 years of experience in PBM procurement and management. As small group advocates, we understand the unique needs and challenges of managing a self-funded healthcare plan. We actively curate a vetted PBM marketplace and can work with your organization and Benefits Consultant to provide efficient PBM acquisition, implementation support, and ongoing monitoring and reporting. An innovative and competitive marketplace of mid-market PBMs offers competitive rates, flexible contract terms, ongoing monitoring and reporting, and implementation support.

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