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PBM Benefit Insights

The importance of a cooperative PBM.

When a self-funded health plan sponsor considers cost-containment strategies, it is important to factor in the current PBM's role as coordinator of the pharmacy benefit.

Cooperative PBMs work in tandem with pharmacies, plan sponsors and advocates, to establish best practices for minimizing employee disruption, lower cost solutions for employees, and maximizing prescription fulfillment through non-traditional channels. Cost-containment is achieved by integration and cooperation.

APC understands this and specializes in connecting self-funded plans with PBMs who will work with the plan's cost-containment strategies. Therefore, APC excludes PBMs that prioritize making money from drug sales, rather than processing claims are excluded.

PBMs that have the right priorities work with pharmacies and plan sponsors to identify and manage a list of high-cost brand medications that are eligible for savings for both the member and the plan.

Please get in touch with an APC Pharmacy Benefit Consultant today if you would like more information. We are an independent consulting firm with over 15 years of successfully connecting small self-funded health plans with a network of PBM and cost-containment solutions.

APC works with and through Benefit Advisors and offers an up-front and complimentary Rx Diagnostic and consultation to ensure APC has the right strategies for your organization's specific needs.


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