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PBM Benefit Insights

Benefit Advisors, do you use the pharmacy plan to help you sell and retain?

Many of you are probably shaking your head no. It is understandable why. You may not be as comfortably versed in the pharmacy benefit because you already juggle medical, vision, dental, and stop-loss.

Maybe you don't believe it will make a difference? However, APC with ten years experience in PBM procurement and analysis, discovered the under 5000 life groups are significantly under-served. With larger insurance brokerage firms forming exclusive deals and coalitions with the same top three PBMs, smaller groups looking for choices are being offered the same product but with different labels.

APC maintains strong relationships with a network of mid-market PBMs that are willing to work hard to win new groups. Through this network, we have been able to offer our Benefit Advisor partners improved customer service, valued relationships, and innovation sparked from actual competition. Then there are the potential savings! On average, mid-market PBMs are charging 35% less than the top three PBMS.

Best part, this improvement comes with minimal disruption! Mid-sized PBMs use the same pharmacy networks and formularies so in most cases implementation is generally no more than just switching out a drug card.

If you are a Benefits Advisor looking for a unique approach for your under 5000 life groups, let an APC Pharmacy Benefit Consultant assess your latest contract or plan review to identify areas of opportunity and cost savings strategies.

APC would like to be your pharmacy partner and connect you to a network of PBMs who will value your business and provide you and your clients a unique approach that will differentiate you from your competition.

Contact us at or your APC Pharmacy Benefit Consultant to get started!


Learn more about our exclusive PBM marketplace by watching the video below!

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